State-of-the-Art Technology

Chicago Mind Solutions is one of a select number of neurofeedback providers in the U.S. offering patients’ access to Brain Avatar by Brainmaster Technology. This breakthrough technology gives patients the opportunity to view in real-time the entire process of enhancing the brain’s neuroplasticity as a three-dimensional image.

Grounded in robust brain research completed over the last two decades, Brain Avatar allows Chicago Mind Solutions neurofeedback specialists to treat 19 sites in the brain at one time.

The breakthrough Brain Avatar takes EEG brain training to an entirely new level as therapy can be far more targeted, precise, and effective—with desired benefits potentially realized in a relatively shorter timeframe than ever before.

Meet the Chicago Mind Solutions Team

Photo of Dr. Jared Treiber, Chicago Mind Solutions, neurofeedback therapyJared Treiber, Ph.D., QEEGTClinical Psychologist

Jared Treiber, Ph.D., QEEGT, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has provided services and support to adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations. He has worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, university settings, therapeutic day schools, and private practices. Dr. Treiber is also board certified in Quantitative EEG administration and analysis.

Dr. Treiber began his career in New Jersey working as an in-home therapist for children and adolescents. He moved on to a therapeutic day program to work with individuals who have psychological and developmental disabilities. Subsequently, he worked at the Epilepsy Foundation in Long Island, NY, where he provided therapy as well as psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for individuals.

Along with his work at Chicago Mind Solutions, he currently is on staff as an assistant professor in the Clinical Psychology department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

He earned his doctorate from Walden University in Minnesota, and later completed a fellowship in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at Adelphi University in New York.


Photo of Ryan Roessler, Chicago Mind Solutions, neurofeedback therapyRyan RoesslerNeurofeedback Specialist

Ryan Roessler is a multi-talented entrepreneur as well as an artist. After experiencing the positive effects of neurofeedback for himself, he became a neurofeedback provider to help others. He has completed his certifications in advanced Avatar training, LENS, low energy neurofeedback system, and Zengar.

Ryan continues to explore the latest developments in neurofeedback technology to help patients and their families.




Photo of Ari Goldstein, PhD, Chicago Mind Solutions, neurofeedback therapyAri Goldstein, Ph.D. – Educational Psychologist

Over the past 20 years of assessing and implementing ADHD remediation programs for children and adults with special needs, Dr. Goldstein has developed unique non-medicinal treatment approaches for a range of conditions affecting thinking and learning.

He holds a master’s degree in Learning Disabilities and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois. He has conducted research in the areas of learning disabilities, cognitive development, executive functioning, and meta-cognition. Dr. Goldstein has also completed post-graduate training in psychological and educational assessment and is a certified Illinois Learning Specialist.

He holds memberships in the National Association of School Psychologists, the Council for Exceptional Children, the Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois, the Association of Educational Therapists, and the American Psychological Association, and has been awarded the CEC’s Certificate as a Professionally Recognized Special Educator. Dr. Goldstein has appeared on WGN, NBC, and CBS as an education expert contributor.



Payment Options

Acceptable self-pay payment options at Chicago Mind Solutions include:

  • Visa, Master Card
  • Cash
  • Personal check

We’re an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois; plus out-of-network insurance reimbursement also is available.

Please call (847) 656-5080 or (847) 250-9881 with questions related to payment.